First Individual Premises Grouped Technology Choice Applicants sign contracts

The trial group of 9 residences (aka. “Test Bunnies”) from “Stage 2” of Gleneagles Estate have signed their contracts on Friday 11 January 2019 for the Grouped Individual Premises Technology Choice FTTP upgrade.

This has been an evolving process, with the Committee working with NBNCo to smooth out the process and establish “what works and what doesn’t”.

The Committee has been able to negotiate an individual contract and invoice for each person in the group, which simplifies things significantly. We are also in the process of developing a small a guide to assist people with future application processes.

Groups were identified based off the expression of interest sent out in July of 2018. An analysis of the layout of Telstra conduit maps was undertaken, and the most rational and cost effective path was chosen in composition of these groups.

The first trial group in “Stage 1” of Gleneagles Estate will proceed when NBNCo confirm their installation of a micronode in the area. This is another achievement of the committee, which effectively means that applicants will no longer have to pay for fibre to be drawn underneath the golf course and this is cost that will be upon NBNCo.

Contact will be made in due course for those who have expressed an interest in participating.

Contact if you wish to be added to this list and did not respond to the previous EOI.

I would like to personally thank Laurence Buchanan and Mark Haezlett on the committee for the work they have invested to help us get to this point today. This has been the result of 4 years hard work, many meetings with NBNCo and a considerable amount of negotiation – to ensure the best outcome was received for the community.

Congratulations to those participating!

Steve Ulrich

Gleneagles Estate FTTP NBN Committee


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