Quality is likely to get worse Quality with telephone/internet will improve.
Distance impacts the quality and stability Distance is not an issue for quality and stability of the service
VDSL2 technology maximum currently attainable on this medium This solution is completely scalable to meet future needs for many decades to come;
It is a NOT a ‘plug and play’ network – re-termination required with maintenance;

Reliability: The physical network has a very low maintenance requirement. Install and rarely come back;
Changing services for one residence can impact others
Altering a service for one residence does not impact any others;
Groundwater penetration in Gleneagles Estate is significant – which can impact the stability and life of the copper.
It is literally waterproof. The groundwater problems we have in the estate will be mitigated;
A single speed is offered on VDSL2, as no assurance of quality can be guaranteed. Your speed is variable, and heavily dependent on your distance from the node and characteristics of the copper at the time.

A range of speeds are offered depending on your requirements, with assurance of that quality of service being offered at the ISP level. Your connection quality is consistent.