Informed choices of your Retail Service Provider (RSP) – ACCC Broadband Performance reports

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The Project is now complete with over 130 premises connected (over 30% of the estate!).

Thank you to the committee for their hard work, and those who participated.

The proposed option to have fibre connected to your premises is the best opportunity for at least a decade, to rid ourselves of the old communications technology we have in place. We do not believe that the copper used in the NBN rollout for our area will offer residents a quality internet solution that will meet our growing needs now and into the future.

The project aims to negotiate the most structured and cost effective option to remove copper infrastructure and provide fibre optic internet direct to the premises for residents of the estate. 

Gleneagles Estate Sign

There are ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ with Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)

As the Gleneagles Estate Community, we need to decide whether if we want to be one of the ‘haves’.

The opportunity of ‘free fibre to the home’ has passed, particularly with changes made to the Definitive Agreement with Telstra.   The only way that residents will be able to get a fibre to the home connection in a ‘brownfield’ estate is by paying for it.  Whilst NBN is still in public hands, this represents the best opportunity to enhance your property in this way.


It means reliability, scalability and quality of service delivered.

  • Distance is not an issue for your connection;
  • Altering a service for one residence does not impact any others;
  • Reliability: The physical network has a very low maintenance requirement (ie. install and don’t come back);
  • It is a ‘plug and play’ network – no re-termination required once installed;
  • It is literally waterproof. The groundwater problems we have in the estate will be mitigated;
  • Scalable to meet future need for many decades to come;
  • A range of speeds are available depending on your requirements – with assurance of that quality of service being offered to the ISP level (ie.wholesaler cannot blame the connection to ISP)

FTTP has a tangible impact on the value of your house (Remember the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’?).

Benefits of Technology Choice through the Gleneagles Estate NBN Project:

The Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee has worked very hard over the last three years to deliver benefits to our local community.

  • Significant discount on design and cost fees;
  • Significant savings on costs through community based cost sharing;
  • Structured construction process which should result in more efficient and quicker build for your premises;
  • Designated timeframes for start and finish of work; and
  • Commitment from NBN for a project manager to liaise with the Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee, to provide updates and information.