Outages 20-23 January 2018 – Resolved

A resident has reported that the NBN technician has replaced a board on the node as it was literally cooked in the heat.  This wont happen with FTTP as you probably already know.

Hopefully we should see the internet return to people.

After spending 10 hours doing work for my brothers company (unpaid apart from a pizza for dinner!) – his FTTP connection was stable, rock solid, fast and proved its worth time and time again for his business.  It was another reminder to me how essential a service the internet is, and how important a quality internet connection is.

Gunghalin has more power outages than internet outages.  How do we rate here in the estate compared to that? Something to think about.

We are trying to get FTTP contracts organised from NBN as soon as we can, and resolve this once and for all.

Thanks & Cheers

Steve Ulrich

Gleneagles Estate Committee



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