Update on remediation – 20 September 2018


An update on the copper remediation work in the estate form NBNCo:

As you are aware the field team have been completing on going remediation work within the estate throughout August and September.

The network cables in Mt Vernon Drive have been replaced and joints and pits upgraded.  There were delays with the weather that added a couple of weeks to the replacement of the second cable, however that was completed last week.

There is further maintenance work to occur in the estate on the Ivo Whitton Circuit side of the estate.  This work will be completed by late November.   With maintenance or remediation work that may cause interruption to the service of multiple customers, we have to issue notice to the Retail Service Providers, so they can inform their customers of when the work and possible interruption may occur.

Steve Ulrich

Gleneagles Estate FTTP Committee

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