Community Meeting 3 July 2017 – Slides

Please contact your ISP and get NBN activated for FTTN NOW.

Then can you please update your registration on the website with ‘nbn activated’ with the date you arranged for this to be done, or email me at and I will do this for you.

FTTN will be a lot better than what you currently have, though FTTP will be the service that will be well worth the investment, not only on the value of your home – but the benefits of reliability, quality and scalability.

In the not too distant future FTTN users will be craving these three things.

Thanks again for coming to the meeting with such a great turnout, questions and overall participation.

We are working hard to get FTTP for Gleneagles Estate. Your support and commitment will help make this happen.

Thank you to the committee for their hard work to get us to this point.

Steve Ulrich
Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee


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