Impact of NBN Quality on Real Estate Value

We have randomly sampled Real Estate agents on Canberra, and asked them if they believe, based on the enquiries and dealings with prospective buyers, whether the quality of internet connection has an impact on the value of properties, or if it influences purchasing decisions.

The statements are as follows:

There is a number of potential buyers out there who won’t look at homes if they are not connected to (or are in the process of being connected) to the NBN. I sell homes all across Canberra and this is not a problem on the North side of town. These buyers tend not to discount the properties without good internet service they just don’t look at them.
They have done their research and look elsewhere.

Rex Purcell, Luton, M: 0411 781 863 P: (02) 6293 2323 F: (02) 6293 3336 E: W:

The question of NBN comes up quite frequently amongst home buyers. NBN is becoming more important to buyers as we move further into the digital age. As yet it has not seemed to have any impact on house prices generally.

Tim Russell, LJ Hooker Kaleen,M: 0416 087 834 P: (02) 6241 1922 F: (02) 6241 4104 E: W:

A Canberra Times article also speaks of a suburb with a “have and have-nots” broadband infrastructure, and also mentions the imapct on real estate value:

Mr Deep said one good aspect of having the NBN was his property was likely to sell for a better price than those across the road.
“It is a fact that if you’re NBN connected, those properties get sold quicker in Macgregor,” he said.

Steve Ulrich
Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee

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