Increased latency and performance degradation

Sometime after 27 June 1029 at apx 1130 (Thank Bruce Smith) an increase of latency (ie. time it takes for one packet to get from the destination from the source).

We are investigating this at the moment (Jimmy Kwiatkowski in particular has been working with his RSP on this), however we would appreciate some speed test metrics. if you have any in your history before 27 June 2019 that would be very helpful as well).

A spreadsheet you can update your results is located at!Aj5-ED-My5FzlaYihlZynxqtzZmSmg?e=aYnkQT

Your contribution will help provide some defensible metrics towards trying to address the issue with NBNCo, which I will be taking up on behalf of the community.

Thanks & Cheers

Steve Ulrich

Gleneagles Estate FTTP NBN Committee

0400 315028

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