Response from Malcolm Turnbull

As you are aware, the committee has spent the last 12 months lobbying our representatives in the Senate, the House of Representatives as well as the members in the ACT Legislative assembly – to give us the opportunity to work with the government of the day and NBN to develop a Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) solution for Gleneagles Estate.

One of the goals was to get a structured design for the estate to save time and possible wastage of funds and resources, given the high level of interest in the Estate to contribute financially towards a FTTP installation of the NBN.

The committee has also approached 12 different private sector firms to offer solutions to help us reach this goal, or offer alternative suggestions.

This has been a considerable amount of work on the part of the committee (and also private funds), but also the staff of the respective offices whom we have approached.  Without their assistance it is unlikely that we would have had a dialogue with NBN at all.

The response:
Malcolm Turnbull’s response is that each home must individually apply to pay the entire cost of fibre to their premises, using the “Technology Choice” program.

The Individual Premises Switch of the “Technology Choice” Program which replaces the Fibre Extension product, requires NBNCo accepting an application – which encompasses two $330 fees (totalling $660, the second fee is non refundable) to get a design and quote for each individual premises.

Action of the Committee:
At this stage, when the community is allowed to submit individual premises applications for technology choice change to fibre – the project will work with you to ensure we have as much of a consolidated approach as possible, to get the best outcome for the community.

NBN states that “To apply for FTTN to FTTP upgrade, you will need to currently have a FTTN infrastructure built in your premises. Applications will be accepted from areas and premises that are in ‘Ready for Service’ stage of the FTTN network.”.

The first areas identified in the rollout covered by Kambah are listed as construction to commence “Q4 2016”, with the first areas ‘Ready For Service’ is listed as “Q4 2017”.

We will continue to keep you updated with developments.

Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee

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