The proposed, eventual VDSL2 solution for the estate will not meet the future needs of our community.

Most households have 3-6 people, all using the internet at once.  The internet is growing, and requirements needed to support it are as well.

family using internetCount how many internet-connected devices you have in your house now.  Now, think back to how many you had 5 years ago.  There is a significant difference, isn’t there?

Our current 6-8 Mbit connections have to be divided amongst those in the household, however so does the upload bandwidth, which is currently limited to 0.3 Mbit.


Telecommuting (working from home) is becoming increasingly prevalent in the private and public sector for doing business.

VDSL2 does not offer the scalability that fibre has to offer, and has a limited upload capacity.  This directly impacts your ability to interact with your place of business.


The presence of streaming media is increasing as the primary broadcast medium (in the US, Netflix and Youtube account for 50% of internet traffic).

VDSL2 does not have the scalability to accommodate multiple streams of 4K Ultra HD content; 4K content is already offered by streaming services such as Netflix.


class in sessionThe internet is emerging as a significant means of delivering education at the primary, secondary and tertiary level.  If someone in your household is receiving any form of education, their dependance on the internet is significant.  Classroom participation via media streaming such as webcams etc. is an inevitable progression as the education sector rapidly embraces the opportunity internet connectivity provides.

Please register your interest using the ‘register interest’ button at the top of the page, if you want your house to be connected  by fibre using the approach stated in this proposal to the community.