Gleneagles Estate FTTP Project – 5 years later

Just over 5 years ago on 4 December 2014, we held the first of many community meetings with a proposal to work with the government of the day to facilitate improved internet services for the Gleneagles Estate community.  The direction that was decided was a full Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) rollout.

Creation of Policy at NBNCo

At that time there was no policy in place at NBNCo to work with communities to facilitate such an upgrade. Through lobbying and influencing government, we facilitated the creation of that policy.

The workers

Looking forward 5 years later, thanks to what I can only describe as extremely hard work of the committee and the excellent work of the group co-ordinators, we now have fibre running to the premises of a large number of premises.

Some of these co-ordinators literally physically pitched in to help the contractor we had to engage to clear, rod and rope the lead in conduits to premises.

Laurence Buchanan in particular has been a stalwart mentor, hard worker and invaluable asset to the project, for which I am very grateful.

This was a fantastic team effort, and everyone made a meaningful contribution which gave us the result we have today.


In total, there are 105 premises out of the 394 in the estate that have funded the rollout of FTTP to their homes.  Gleneagles Estate is the single largest rollout and most cost-effective NBN technology upgrade in the country.

Photo Album

I have collected a visual history of the project that helps convey where it all started, and where we ended up.

Status of groups

As of December 2019, the following is the status of the groups across Gleneagles Estate:

Steve Ulrich8-Jun-19
Mark Haezlett
Graham Clews
Vincent Edward Parrett12-Nov-19
Bruce Smith12-Nov-19
Meg Wilson
Steve Watts
David Fox
Quentin Stevenson-Perks
Laurence Buchanan2-Sep-19

Thank you again to all who participated to help this project reach all its milestones, and provide an outcome for the community.

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