Fibre activated for first group in Stage 2 “test bunnies”

Fibre is well and truly working for the first group and it has been great to finally cross the finish line with this group.

This ongoing work simply not have been possible without the combined work of residents and volunteers.

The group co-ordinators have been an absolutely fantastic job in ‘herding cats’, and thanks to them other groups are well on their way in their journey.

Bruce Smith and Renier Oliver in particular have been literally been getting their hands very dirty. May I respectfully suggest these guys deserve some recognition with at least some form of alcohol or chocolate related medication to help they cope with this trauma on a psychological level.

Laurence Buchan, of course, has been a stalwart in making sure the interests of Stage 1 are managed and progressed appropriately, and I am so very grateful for his assistance, guidance and mentoring throughout the project. Simply put, it couldn’t have gotten to this point without him.

One thing I should mention is the experience with transferring the technology type to FTTP with the RSP has been a mixed one (which has been a surprise to me I am sorry to say). Another post on this soon.

Yes is is messy and dirty but that is my garage and I have to clean it.

Steve Ulrich

Gleneagles Estate FTTP NBN Committee

0400 315028

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