Grouped FTTP Applications Open for Stage 1 of Gleneagles Estate

With the design for the micronode to be installed in stage 1 finalised, this confirms that residents will not be required to pay for the provision of fibre across the golf course from Stage 2.

This is a significant achievement for the committee, and we are grateful to NBNCo for working with us on resolving this issue.

As such “Gleneagles Estate Stage 1” grouped applications are now open.

Note: Grouped applications for “Gleneagles Stage 2” are closed. You are welcome to submit an individual application at the NBNCo website.

“Stage 1” of Gleneagles Estate consists of the following streets:

MacNeil Place
Mount Vernon Drive
Naismith Place
Soutar Place
Clark Place
Cremin Close
Elanora Place

Some ‘lessons learned’ have been made through this process, and we have worked with NBNCo on refining the process as best we can.

A guide for applicants has been developed by the committee, which is available here. There is also a checklist to get fibre to your home which is a simplified checklist of the process.

Groups will be formed based on proximity to one another and our understanding of Telstra conduit pathways to try to ensure the most logical and cost effective groupings are made.

I will act as mentor, to answer questions that are not answered in the guide.

What are the expected costs?

A costing and design process must to be undertaken in order to determine costs, and the reasons were explained directly by NBNCo staff to the community at meetings held in December 2017 and May 2018.

We observed that for the 5 groups so far that have received quotes in “Stage 2” of the Estate, these costs have consistently been between $3,000-$4,000. These are a very different order of magnitude that NBNCo presented with their ‘Area Switch’ estimate of $8,363. The quotes received are significantly cheaper than others have received throughout the country, based off the information collected through the Whirlpool forums.

Why would you want to participate in this?

  • NBNCo are working with us on this, and those in the Technology Choice Program are monitoring this process.  There are quite a few senior level people who are assisting as best as the policy allows.
  • The asset and equipment installed remain the property of NBNCo – hence they are perpetually responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of this equipment.  
  • You are assured the best quality internet connection available, limited only by the choice of your Retail Service Provider (RSP).  Rain, hail, mud or lightning will not impact your internet connectivity.
  • There is no longer any commitment to roll out FTTP by either of the major political parties.  This means it is an investment in your overall property, as established areas will not have it.
  • You are leveraging off group buying power to get the best cost available.

Are you still interested?  

Please let me know by Friday May 3, 2019.

Thanks & Cheers

Steve Ulrich

Gleneagles Estate FTTP NBN Committee

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