Capital works well underway for the first FTTP Group

NBNCo contractors have begun replacing pits in Stage 2 of the Estate as part of the FTTP process.

Lead In Conduits were cleared as well by contractors engaged by the FTTP Committee.

Construction is expected to be complete in May 2019.

Congratulations to all those participating, in particular thank you for the ongoing hard work of the coordinators of groups – Laurence Buchanan, Graham Clews, Vincent Parrett, Meg Wilson, Bruce Smith and Mark Haezlett.

In in particular I would like to thank Laurence Buchanan who has “gone above and beyond” in his drive and determination to make the project the success it has become over the last 4 years.

What a great neighbourhood we have here.

Steve Ulrich

Gleneagles Estate FTTP NBN Committee

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