Grouped FTTP Applications Open for Stage 2 of Gleneagles Estate

With the payment of the total build cost invoice completed for the trial group,  “Gleneagles Estate Stage 2” grouped applications are now open.

“Stage 2” of Gleneagles Estate consists of the following streets:

Ivo Whitton Circuit
James Scott Close
Winser Crescent
Bolger Place
Flagstaff Street
Apperly Close
Ferrier Place
Lempriere Crescent
Naismith Place

Some ‘lessons learned’ have been made through this process, and we have worked with NBNCo on refining the process as best we can.

A guide for applicants has been developed by the committee, which is available here.

I will act as mentor, to answer questions that are not answered in the guide.

Groups will be formed based on proximity to one another and our understanding of Telstra conduit pathways to try to ensure the most logical and cost effective groupings are made.

A group co-ordinator needs to step forward to lodge their application, from which others will refer to when they lodge theirs.  This person will be required to collect the contribution for the application fee from everyone else in the group, and pay the invoice for the application fee from these funds.

Consideration of the costs involved and the process required:

Overall Steps required, outlined from the guide:

1. Group Coordinator lodges their application through the NBNCo website. The reference number returned should be provided to all the group applicants for inclusion in their application.

2. Residents each lodge an application through the NBNCo website, quoting the NBNCo Reference number for the group on the online form space provided. 

3. NBNCo issue an application fee invoice to the coordinator. (Timeframe: 5 business days) 

4. Application fee of $1,100 paid (cost to be split amongst applicants). (Timeframe: within 30 days) 

5. Build Quote is received from NBNCo (Timeframe: 15 business days) 

6. Acceptance of quote is given to NBNCo by applicants. (Timeframe: 10 business days) 

7. Contracts issued by NBNCo. (Timeframe: 15 business days) 

8. Contracts are signed by participants, scanned in and returned to NBNCo. The contract must be signed and witnessed (by anyone) in the box “Applicant” AND under the section “Additional acknowledgement and agreement from the owner/occupier”. (Timeframe: within 30 days) 

9. Invoices issued by NBNCo. (Timeframe: 5 business days) 

10. Invoices Paid by applicants. (Timeframe: within 30 days) 

11. NBNCo adds the applications to their Service Delivery Partners Build Queue when all invoices have been paid, and you have informed the NBNCo Relationship Manager – IPS is informed. 

12. Photos and Plans (with PCD and the proposed NTD location marked) submitted by applicants to NBNCo. (Timeframe: within 10 business days)

Why would you want to participate in this?

  • NBNCo are working with us on this, and those in the Technology Choice Program are monitoring this process.  There are quite a few senior level people who are assisting as best as the policy allows.
  • The asset and equipment installed remain the property of NBNCo – hence they are perpetually responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of this equipment.  
  • You are assured the best quality internet connection available, limited only by the choice of your Retail Service Provider (RSP).  Rain, hail, mud or lightning will not impact your internet connectivity.
  • There is no longer any commitment to roll out FTTP by either of the major political parties.  This means it is an investment in your overall property, as established areas will not have it.
  • You are leveraging off group buying power to get the best cost available.

Are you still interested?  

Please let me know by Friday February 15 2019.

Thanks & Cheers

Steve Ulrich

Gleneagles Estate FTTP NBN Committee

0400 315028

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