Copper remediation Stage 2, Update Stage 1 remediation work

The work the committee has done over the last 4 years has provided returns to the community, with responsive action by NBNCo undertaken with the implementation of remediation work on the copper to address the internet issues in Gleneagles Estate.

Some of this work includes:

  • In Stage 1 repairs to copper joins are well underway;
  • A number of pits in Stage 1 have been excavated to ground level where they were previously buried by residents landscaping;
  • In Stage 2 survey work is being conducted in preparation of copper remediation work;
  • Work will be done to re-join of copper pairs at each end, sealing, re-capping etc. and as well as excavation of pits where required.

If there will be scheduled outages, NBNCo will advise in advance through your RSP.

Thanks to Laurence Buchanan and John Killeen for providing us with this information.

Steve Ulrich

Gleneagles Estate FTTP Committee

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