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Since the upgrade of the Mobile Phone tower on 20 July 2017, there has been a degradation of service as a result.  For example, at my residence which is 1.23km Line Of Sight from the tower, my mobile phone reverts reverts to WiFi calling as it struggles to get a single bar coverage.  This is not that useful when you have a unreliable internet service (which is part of our 3 year journey to get fixed).


What we as a community have done so far

  • Created an online register where people can note they have made a complaint with the reference number, make comments but also raise these number with Telstra when making the complaint so they understand the volume of dissatisfied customers. It is useful to note their responses and action so you can raise the fact that suggested measures have been unsatisfactory for other residents;
  • 14 residents have raised complaints and noted this in the register. Thank you; and
  • Published and distributed information on the issues and the complaints process.


Laurence Buchanan in particular has gone to great efforts to influence Telstra to take action.  As part the offered resolution, Laurence refused an offer of a free antenna from Telstra as he wants an outcome for the entire community.


Make a complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the mobile coverage being offered by Telstra, could you please consider supporting Laurence and the others who have lodged complaints already by submitting a complaint yourself.

Prior to making a complaint, it is suggested you:

  • Ensure your phone is updated to the latest version of software and carrier settings; and
  • Point out that the coverage is bad inside AND OUTSIDE your home.

as these are more than likely to be part of the conversation when they get in touch with you.

The Telstra complaint form is simple to complete:


Thank you

Steve Ulrich

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