Telstra FTTN and DECT cordless phones

Some DECT cordless phones can be set up to wirelessly connect with the Telstra SagemCom supplied modem/router.

There is a post on the Telstra CrowdSupport page which I haven’t tested personally (I’m still not connected yet!), however some people may find useful.

In a browser connect to the modem ( and login -default user ‘admin’ password ‘admin’.

In top right on toolbar click ‘Advanced Mode’

Click on the ‘DECT’ button in the bottom right of the screen (it should have a green border if it is available)

The DECT Base Settings screen will appear.

There is an option to perform ‘pairing’. Don’t click this just yet.

Your DECT handset will have a menu setting for ‘registering’ or ‘pairing’ depending upon the brand.
If in doubt get your user manual and follow the instructions – check online if you can’t find this easily.
You may need to ‘unregister’ or ‘unpair’ if you have been using the phone/s with other bases.

When ready, click the ‘pairing’ button on the browser screen and set your handset into ‘pairing’ mode.

When the handset finds the modem base station it will ask for the pin – enter ‘0000’ and you will be off.

Steve Ulrich
Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee

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