NBN is coming, what do we do to get Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)?

Fibre To The Node (FTTN) is arriving at the Estate, expected to be Ready For Service (RFS) by the end of June.

When advice is given we are RFS, you will need to activate FTTN NBN at your address through an ISP. Please consider these things when choosing to continue with your existing ISP or going with a new provider.

It will not be possible to go straight to FTTP. You will need to activate NBN FTTN first – this is a requirement from NBN (we did try to negotiate a change on this).

The Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee has already paid in advance the NBN Design and Quote for Fibre to the Premises fees for ALL residents.

Under the Technology Choice Policy the cost for an individual application is $660.

By working with NBN on an estate basis we have agreed to an approach where the application cost for each premise will be $20.

We request that you contribute to this by depositing the $20 to

BSB: 062914 Account: 10998486 Steve Ulrich

When making the electronic payment, please put your street name and number eg: 121MtVernon to appear on the recipients bank statement. There is also space to indicate you have actioned this on the “your info” section of the website.

Upon receipt of this $20 contribution, The Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee will forward your information from our website to NBN, whereby NBN will provide you an individual cost estimate and build contract for your premises.

We will publish timeframes later when contracts need to be signed to take up this opportunity.

NBN will then commit to complete the work within a specified period.

If you do not participate

No individual applications for NBN Technology Choice will be progressed until after the Project’s process is complete and will then be subject to NBN workforce availability.  You will be required to work with NBN yourself, on an individual basis to secure design, quotes and scheduling.

Current status

More information will be sent out as processes are finalised.

We are in the final round of meetings with NBN, working to get the best deal for residents.

One thing is certain, we will have best price to upgrade our internet connections in the country – You will never get a deal as good as this again.

Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee

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