Those who receive FTTN will have to pay if they want to upgrade it in the future

IT Wire reports that during senate estimates it was confirmed that the days of ‘free fibre’ were well and truly over, and areas which were connected by FTTN would have to pay to get a better service.

NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow has effectively told a Senates Estimates committee that the four million Australians who receive a fibre to the node connection to the NBN will have to pay if they want to upgrade it in the future.
Morrow told Senator Deborah O’Neill on Tuesday that people would have to pay more for superior technology to receive faster broadband speeds than can be delivered via FttN.

No surprises there.

FTTN will be an improvement on what we currently have, however it will not offer the reliability, scalability and quality of the service that FTTP will.

The FTTN service will get worse as time goes on due to copper deterioration, and if you are far from the node itself, your results will be inconsistent and sub standard compared to others.

You can save yourself money in this upgrade process by talking to your neighbours and encouraging them to sign up, and reduce the costs for an upgrade.

The statistics of people signing up for an upgrade in the estate are impressive, however the more people who proceed with the upgrade, the less the final bill to end users will be.

We are getting closer to the RFS date which is estimated at June 2016 now, so time to act is now.

Steve Ulrich
Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee

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