May 2016 Update – Technology Choice Program – Gleneagles Estate

  • The committee has had progress in negotiations with NBN, benefits of which will be made available to residents who register with the project. They are fully supportive of the project, and have been of great assistance.
  • A costing estimate tool for registered residents has been endorsed by NBN as giving a rough estimate of costs.
  • A community meeting will be held post July 2 Election to give an update to residents. It is anticipated a representative from NBN will attend to explain the Technology Choice Program. Our Federally elected residents will be invited to attend.


Please engage your neighbours – the sharing of expenses across the community has already demonstrated a significant impact on estimates.


Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) will provide significant benefits to our community as a whole, but also have an direct impact on:

  • The value of your home;
  • The quality and reliability of your internet service; and
  • Our capability to meet the rapidly growing demands by our internet.


Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee


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