Gai Brodmann speaks about the state of the NBN Rollout in Canberra


As featured in an article on Delimiter, Gai has spoken about the state of the NBN rollout in the ACT, and followed up on her community meeting on 18 June 2015.

Brodtmann said bitter residents in the Tuggeranong area had written to the MP pointing out that they paid Federal and local taxes like anyone else — and yet the northern suburbs — already well-served by broadband infrastructure — received all the government spending. ” We get close to zero new or upgraded infrastructure by comparison,” the constituent said.

She then spoke about her NBN Petition

“The message is loud and clear, Deputy Speaker: Canberrans want the NBN, and we want it now. Canberrans: we have got three more days, sign my petition and send the message to the government—we want NBN and we want it now!”


Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee


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