Voice and Internet outages 19-23 December 2014

Gleneagles Residents, amongst other areas of Canberra, suffered outages over this period of not just internet communications but also voice telephony.

If we had a modern telecommunications backbone for the Estate, would the problem diagnosis and fault resolution take this long? There is a complex infrastructure in place to provide us with these services, but it stands to reason that its unlikely to have impacted us as much, or at all, if we had a passive optical fibre communications network in the estate.  These networks are much easier to troubleshoot from a network perspective, and things like torrents of water and bolts of lightening do not impact them generally.

Lets work together as a community, encourage our neighbours to make a change, through supporting this project, by voting in the polls, and registering your interest.

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Gleneagles Estate NBN Committee


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